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Avalanches and floods put Central American nation into mourning ,

Disaster in El Salvador: there are more than 160 dead persons

The mother of 15-year-old Carolina Ayala, cries before the coffin that contains the remains of his daughter, who died dragged by the avalanche that destroyed part of the city of Verapaz (El Salvador), on Sunday, the 8th. The number of deaths can exceed the 200. photo: Rodrigo Abd / AP ()

Marcos Alemán

The tears were rolling about the severely struck face of Elsy Portillo while it was traveling on Monday behind coffins with the bodies of his mother and of his only son in this town of Verapaz, buried by a massive deslave, one of several that killed at least 160 persons at national level.
The Breach body was struck repeatedly against the walls of his house while it was trying to prevent from dragging his 7-year-old son by the powerful river of mud, rocks and water that devastated the village during the Sunday dawn.
The 40-year-old woman survived, but he said that it lost everything for through what he had lived.
“ They took my cherub from me. They took my cherub from me”, he affirmed sobbing and with the right eyelid closed by the inflammation.
Days of strong rains untied on Sunday massive floods and avalanches in the whole mountainous Central American country.
The presence of the hurricane Gone in the Occident of the Caribbean Sea at the end of last week could have been a factor that took the system of low pressure loaded with water in the Pacific Ocean towards El Salvador in another side of Central America, supported Dave Roberts, a specialist in hurricanes in the National Center of Hurricanes of the United States, in Miami, Florida.
No place turned out to be more struck than Verapaz, a poor agricultural town of 7.000 inhabitants in the slope of the volcano Chichontepec, located approximately to 30 miles to the east of the capital, San Salvador.
The minister of Government, Humberto Centeno, pointed out that the death of 160 persons was confirmed, about 60 are eliminated and 13.680 stayed without housing, at national level.
Rocks, many of them of more than one ton, were filling the paved streets. Vehicles and houses were arising between mud mountains. Cows corpses in the decomposition state were lying on roofs after having being thrown to the air by the force of the current, that picturesque coffee population turned it normally into a disaster area.
Soldiers and settlers kept on excavating between the rocks and debris in search of 47 persons who were still missing on Monday, the 9th.
The hopes to find survivors were diminishing with the step of every hour.
Breach was a closely of 200 local residents who happened the night in a church in the nearby town of San Isidro. Eight of the corpses, included those of his mother and son, also were sent in coffins to the church.


To communicate in emergency cases in MD

Cell phones free for needy families

To qualify, the persons must receive some type of help or subsidy of the government. photo: AP

To lack a cell phone means in these days to stay incommunicado of the world. Who was going to think any years ago that to take a cell phone in the pocket would turn into a need. Regrettably still there exist many families of low income that cannot acquire a cell phone for the costs that implies the service, especially during these times of financial crisis. To fulfill this need TracFone Wireless it will offer cell phones free to families of scarce resources under the program LifeLine subsidized by the government.
More than 378,000 hearths qualify for this program named SafeLink Wireless, which includes the phone, 64 monthly minutes free for one year and I access to emergency calls.
The target of this initiative is to prevent a person for having no resources to carry a cell phone from staying incommunicado in an emergency case or an employer from without c contact it to offer him a work.
“ For more of the 378,000 of hearths that they qualify for the Lifeline services in Maryland, SafeLink provides a modern need that might help them to assure an employment, communicate with the schools of his children, and to contact hospitals, the fire department, or to the police in case of some emergency and without any cost. No other company does that, ”there said José Fuentes, the director of governmental relations for TracFone.
I relieve for patients []
Other one of the applications of the service that are evaluated corresponds to the medical part. Thanks to the free service of cellular telephony the hospitals, medical centers or particular doctors might offer the phone to his patients with illnesses who need to be monitoreados. This way they might call or send text messages so that they do not forget to take the medicine, to do an examination to him or to be present punctually at a medical appointment. “This would serve very well in patients with diabetes, high pressure or HIV/Sida because they need are controlled. In the long run to finance the cost of a cell phone for these ends is more economic because one prevents the patient from worsening and coming to an emergency room”, pointed out the doctor Leonel Flores.
Who qualify
To qualify the person must take part in some of the following programs of help of the government as they are: program of universal electrical service, coupons of food, assistance for energy of Maryland, medical care, public welfare for adults, Seguridad de Ingresos Suplementarios (SSI), temporary assistance in cash or program of temporary assistance for disability. The benefits of the program are granted for one year and at the end of this period the persons must present the whole papers again to prove that they qualify. Otherwise the user can remain with the phone and obtain services under the form of full pre. For more information to call 1-800-977-3768 or visits www.safelinkwireless.com
Maryland is one of twenty states in the country, as the District of Columbia who are benefited by this program. 10 are the states in Maryland that they would qualify for this new service of mobile telephony between that they are the city of Baltimore, Baltimore, Prince George's, Montgomery, Anne Arundel, Hartford, Frederick, between others.

Accused by theft of cards of gift

They open judgment for corruption to the mayoress of Baltimore

Sheila Dixon, mayoress of Baltimore, enters smilingly to the court of the city where the judgment began for corruption, on Monday, the 9th.
photo: Jed Kirschbaum-Baltimore Sun / AP

For the first time, the democratic mayoress of Baltimore (Maryland), Sheila Dixon, faces a judgment for charges of corruption, accused of "stealing" several cards of gift destined to families needed from the city. Of being pled guilty, she not only will have to leave the charge, but it will be ineligible to receive a pension for 83.000 dollars per year that correspond to him.
The process began on Monday, the 9th, in the Court of Baltimore, although during the week, incluidó on Thursday, the 12th, the judge Dennis M. Sweeney and the accusing lawyers and of the defense they were in charge of choosing 12 regular members of the big jury and four substitute ones, which will give his verdict.
Dixon, in very brief declarations, insisted on his innocence. “The truth will make way for itself, it is everything what I can say”, he affirmed.
In accordance with the denunciations, which were known from January of this year, the mayoress received several cards of gift (gift cards), someone had to be used in activities of a church and others to help poor families. Nevertheless, always according to these accusations, she used to acquire pledges for his personal use, of his family and of his friends.
One hopes that two recognized ones urbanistas of the region, Glenn Charlow and Patrick Turner, as well as his ex-fiancé Ronald Lipscomb, should present before themselves to give his testimonies, since they have announced that delivered approximately 60 cards of gift to the mayoress, with charitable ends.
The case has caused big controversy in Baltimore, a port city which population is divided between those that they support and those who criticize the maximum authority of the local government.
Those who endorse it say that “everything is a lie” and that that will be proved during the judgment. Also, they emphasize his extraordinary work against the crime, having limited the numbers of shootings and murders to his lowest index in 20 years.
Those who criticize his attitude, indicate that it is necessary to give an example of ethics and of values in the bosom of the municipality of Baltimore, to eradicate "once and for all" any corruption sign.
Meanwhile, the mayoress Dixon, who has an annual salary of $ 151.700, continues at the head of the city. On Tuesday he was observing the operations to repair tubes of broken water and on the following day it headed the acts for the Day of the Veterans in Baltimore.

In penalty of Virginia they execute Muhammad

Lethal injection finishes with the sniper

John Allen Muhammad, completely gaunt, appears in the last photo before being executed. Photo: Department of Prisons of Virginia / AP

By means of a powerful chemicals cocktail, sadly famous “Sniper of Washington”, John Allen Muhammad, paid with his life for the wave of murders at random that he directed and that terrified Maryland, Virginia and DC for three weeks of October, 2002.
A minute after 9 p.m. of Tuesday, the 10th, in the correctional center Greensville (in Jarratt, Virginia), a dose of 2 grams of anesthetic thiopental of sodium made it unconscious. Then, the executors injected to him 50 milligrams of pancuronium bromide, which paralyzed his body, immediately to add to him potassium chloride, a truly lethal substance, which stopped his heart.
Muhammad was declared dead exactly at 9:11 p.m., as confirmed Larry Traylor, spokesman of the Correctional Department of Virginia, before a group of journalists who were setting a guard opposite to the penalty.
This way final point put itself to a dark history, in which John Allen Muhammad, then of 41 years, along with his accomplice, 17-year-old Lee Boyd Malvo, was the protagonist of the murder of ten persons – between them two of Hispanic origin - using a powerful caliber rifle 22.
Men and women of any condition, including a child when it was entering to his school, were the white person of the criminal wave that it put in vilo to the local police and to the FBI.
The panic and the fear came untied in the city, until finally Muhammad and Malvo were arrested when they were sleeping inside the vehicle Chevrolet Caprice that they had conditioned to shoot from the porter without being seen.
The apprehension, which produced national rejoicing, registered on October 24 in a rest place for drivers, in Maryland.
John Allen Muhammad, considered to be the brain of two snipers, was sentenced to death by the murder of Dean Harold Meyers in a petrol station of Manassas (Virginia).

Protocol of the execution

In accordance with the protocol of the execution, Muhammad was taken on Tuesday, the 10th, at 8:30 p.m., up to “the cell of the death”, where he took a shower and it they changed the uniform.
At 8:50 p.m., it was taken to the “camerawoman of execution”, where it was put to bed in a stretcher. The guards held it with thongs.
Two minutes later the curtains were opened, so that the witnesses – between them several relatives of the victims - officials and journalists, could see the execution procedure.
At 8:59 p.m., one of the guards, following the ritual of these cases, asked the intern if he wanted to pronounce his last words.
Larry Traylor, spokesman of the Correctional Department of Virginia, indicated that Muhammad pronounced not even only one word before dying.





Community agenda

Ted supports Jacky
Many confusion woke up the announcement of the appointment of Jackie Reyes as Latin linkage for the Ward 1 of DC. Some of them believed that it was going to replace Ted Loza, who was redeeming this charge, but same Faience he was in charge of clarifying the situation, on having indicated that he continues like Chief of Office (Chief of Staff) of Graham's office, one of whose functions that of Latin linkage is for the District 1. He said that while it faces a judgment for bribe, of which he has declared himself an innocent person, it continues in the charge “under administrative diet” that is to say, without function capacity but with salary use. At present there is a chief of temporary office. Faience revealed that “Jim Graham consulted me on Jackie and I gave him my opinion. I believe that she is a very qualified person, it has experience and is ideal to operate and to fill this gap as Latin linkage in the District 1. I her support 100 per cent”, he affirmed.

Special education

If it has a son with problems of learning or some physical and/or mental disability, the government offers him a series of educational alternatives that often he does not know.
To fulfill this absence of information the Coalition of Transition of Virginia del Norte he invites to inform of the free forum Future Quest 2009 where information about the opportunities will be offered to attend to the college or to aspire to a university education for students with intellectual and physical disabilities. The forum also offers excellent information for the family parents and for professional and main. The appointment is in the center Johnson de la Universidad George Mason on Saturday, the 21st of November of 8:30 a.m. to 2:40 p.m. Rosalía Fajardo will be the manager of offering information in Spanish. For reports to call (703 923-0010. Also he can send an e-mail to fajardo@peatc.org.

Culprits for assembly
Richard Heene and his wife Mayumi, parents of the six-year-old child who supported for hours in alert the authorities of the state of Colorado for supposedly being on board of a balloon that was flying adrift, pled guilty to the assembly in exchange for watched freedom. The aerostat with form of flying saucer floated to favor of the winds and the images transmitted by the television captivated million persons, believing as the authorities that the child they were inside the compartment of the balloon.

Equality in marriage
The Catholic Church gives him an ultimatum to the town council of Washington DC, if they approve the Legislation that allows the marriage between persons of the same one, they will suspend the social work programs, thousands of immigrants would remain helpless. The catholic church gives services legally and medical care in the District of Columbia that the government cannot cover and there exists a risk that these organizations take measures to protect his religious conscience. One hopes that the law project should be aprovado in the next month with almost all the votes in his favor.

More Vulnerable elders

The residents of the third age can be the most vulnerable to the fire dangers. Therefore the District remembered the residents who must have a plan in order to survive.
Fire chief Dennis Rubin highlighted that during the holidays periods the biggest persons and his families, must be conscious of the dangers inside the hearth.

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